Magpahanggang Wakas: Jericho Rosales and Arci Munoz

Magpahanggang Wakas: Jericho Rosales and Arci Munoz

The TV show was previously known as Never Ever Say Goodbye, one of the working titles. Gerald Anderson was also considered to be the leading man. Anderson has now another show with Kim Chiu.

Arci Muñoz and Jericho Rosales have shared how they were thrilled and excited for their very first time working together but never told about the major plot of the series.

In a three-minute teaser on Youtube, Aryann (Arci) is seen being sexually abused by his father. It also shows Waldo (Jericho) accidentally killing Aryann’s father as he tries to protect her.

This leads to Waldo being jailed for murder. To make matters worse, it turns out that the jail warden is the brother of Aryann’s father. It prompts Aryann to turn to prostitution to help Waldo.

Fast forward and Waldo has been freed from prison. The jail warden, however, hunts him down and shots him in the chest. Waldo’s body rolls off a cliff and is thought to have died despite his missing body.

It breaks Aryann, who believes that Waldo is still alive. As days go by, she begins to slowly accept Waldo’s death. She moves on and finds a job in Manila with the help of Juancho (John Estrada), a big shot businessman who once hired her as a prostitute.

As fates have it, Aryann and Waldo meet again. But not after Aryann has accepted Juancho’s proposal to be his wife.

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